Re-engineering ultra-processed foods can feed the gut, protect the liver and support the brain, study flags

03 Apr 2023 — Ultra-processed foods can be much healthier with a little re-engineering, according to an international team of researchers who recently evaluated the entire commercial F&B portfolio of the Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company (KDD) – comprising some 180 items.

Together with KDD, the authors researched and reimagined their entire portfolio to develop nourishing, delicious, affordable and commercially viable food and beverages that support metabolic health and well-being.

These recommendations helped KDD to decide whether to keep, re-engineer or discontinue a product. The company could also identify “easy win” products that only require minimal modifications to improve their shortcomings.

The authors note that their goal is to make ultra-processed foods healthier and to “urge other food companies to implement similar analysis and reformulation of their product lines to improve the metabolic health and well-being of consumers worldwide.”

Read the entire article in Nutrition Insight

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