Various presentations given on the metabolic matrix: videos and slide deck formats.

The link between metabolic health and nutrition is fundamental to tackling chronic disease and changing the food system.

In this dialogue, held September 8, 2021, the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, a consumer/patient advocacy organization in existence since 1980, invites global leaders in the metabolic health and nutrition space to discuss an exciting new framework developed by KDD for transforming metabolic health & nutrition; catalyzing food system change with a science-based approach that the food & beverage industry can adopt and scale globally.

Check out the United Nations Food System Summit Independent Dialogue page here.


Metabolic Paradigms

This brief slide deck presentation highlights the old and new paradigms of metabolic health and nutrition and shares some of the science behind it. Click on the image to view the slide presentation.

English Slide Presentation – Why the world needs a metabolic reset.

Arabic Slide Presentation – Why the world needs a metabolic reset.

Conversation with World Economic Forum at Davos 2022

by Sir Mohammad Jaafar, CEO & Chairman of KDD

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