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The metabolic matrix is supported by food data science platform called Perfact

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The metabolic matrix is supported by a food data science platform called Perfact.

Numerous market studies indicate that today’s consumers want to know more about the products and ingredients they put in and on their bodies and feel frustrated by a lack of reliable information. Consumers want to feel safe, healthy, and have peace of mind – accessing “better-for-you” products that improve their health as well as the environment. Consumers seek actionable, on-demand intelligence, yet finding products that match reliable sets of criteria is often complex and inconvenient, leaving them frustrated and powerless to make informed purchases efficiently. 

Based on patented IP, Perfact technology systematically removes an overwhelming array of challenging hurdles for consumers, offering them new powers without over-burdening them with complexity, “nudging,” push- or neuro-marketing. Perfact provides a ‘choose once, apply anywhere’ platform for matching informed and highly nuanced consumer preferences and criteria with better-for-you products. Perfact solutions provide ingredient clarity and build brand trust, positively impacting sales for products selected by consumers not by marketers.

Perfact provides a recommendation engine technology for filtering complex and overwhelming amounts of information that enables consumers to apply sophisticated sets of criteria to purchases of food, beauty products, etc., instantly across multiple platforms… driven entirely by personal preferences.

While many platforms and applications claim to offer selected “criteria” or recommendations for consumers to make decisions, none provide the level of sophistication that Perfact provides in terms of depth, range, efficiency, and adaptability.

The comprehensive Perfact platform places powerful and adaptive tools into the hands of manufacturers, retailers, advertisers, changemakers, health insurers and providers, and consumers, enabling users to deploy them based upon their needs and preferences as they evolve, instead of siloed and lock-step solutions that mine and exploit their data.

After bootstrapping initial R&D, Perfact is in closed beta and ready to scale. Perfact makes shopping an enjoyable, stress-free experience again by removing obstacles, hurdles, complications, and confusion. Its patented platform offers branded, trusted filters automatically applied everywhere (online and offline) with minimum effort.

On the commercial side, Perfact’s filtering technology can make (metabolic health & nutrition) sense out of a company’s entire portfolio or even all of the products in a given country’s food system. The filters and criteria translate across multiple sectors, aligning consumer and industry needs by allowing them to share data and criteria.

What is it?

A recommendation engine is a technology for filtering that enables consumers to apply sophisticated sets of criteria to purchases of food, beauty products, etc., instantly across multiple platforms… driven entirely by personal preferences.

Matching consumer & commercial interests

Perfact product matching technology makes it possible for consumers to avoid having to screen tens of thousands of products to find and purchase what they want. The same technology enables food and beverage manufacturers and retailers who are make better-for-you products, and are transparent about their ingredients, to match their premium products with consumers who know what they want. Rather than being driven by marketing, the matching is based entirely upon facts, criteria, and consumer preferences.

An App?

Application Programming Interface (API) is software that allows multiple platforms and applications to talk to each other, offering seamless opportunities for collaboration and integration.

Shopping for criteria

Inspired by the “app store” experience, the Perfact criteria store allows consumers to choose criteria and filters applicable to large classes of products quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly. The Perfact Criteria Store allows consumers to browse and acquire criteria from providers they trust. Perfact makes navigating complex ingredient lists simple, trustworthy — clarifying confusing claims, declarations, and badges, applying meaningful criteria in online stores, or getting quick intel in brick and mortar stores.

Sugar Matrix Project: Building on Perfact Technology

In the ongoing “Food Choices Survey,” an overwhelming response to the question: “If you could only choose one substance, ingredient, or type of food (sugar, fat, preservatives, etc.) to filter out of your food supply, what would it be?” is, drum roll, “sugar” (68% of survey participants.)

The goal of the Sugar Project is to define what constitutes “added sugar” on a scientific basis. This entails defining what constitutes sugar first. For example, along the process from a corn grain via flour, starch, dextrin, maltodextrin, glucose syrup and high fructose corn syrup, where lies the border between sugar and non-sugar? Understanding the biochemistry of these sugars and their metabolic impacts is key.

This academically oriented project is independent and complementary to definitions put forward by regulatory bodies which are ultimately subject to political processes such as the FDA or FAO.

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