The metabolic matrix, explained in an infographic.

We need to put metabolic health at the heart of food system change.

Sir Mohammad Jaafar

Chairman and CEO, KDD

The metabolic matrix was first developed by a group of doctors and scientists commissioned by KDD, a Kuwait-based food and beverage company. KDD has the same challenges as many other leading food and beverage companies. KDD believes that focusing the science of metabolic health and nutrition on their portfolio means more than changing recipes – it requires fundamental changes in the business model, and even changes at the national level. To guide their future product development efforts, KDD made a significant investment in a science-based framework called the “metabolic matrix.” This scalable and replicable framework applies the most current evidence in various health disciplines along with precision food data science. KDD is applying the model to their portfolio in a process they call reengineering. KDD believes it must go way beyond “reformulation” and apply structural and sustainable changes to the entire supply chain and product development.

KDD developed the following infographics (in English & Arabic) to illuminate the rationales for, and the principles of, the metabolic matrix. Click on the images to view in high resolution PDF format.

English Slide Show Version

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Arabic Slide Show Version

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Implementing the Metabolic Matrix involves multiple gears of change.


“How the new future of nutrition puts holistic health first.” World Economic Forum / Davos Agenda

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