Why is KDD interested in Metabolic Health & Nutrition?


Why has KDD developed a Metabolic Matrix and shared it with the world?


“KDD is a 100% Kuwaiti Company that has been in the business of dairy, fruit juices, ice cream, and culinary items for almost 60 years now. The brand and its products are very popular because of consumer loyalty. Such loyalty is based upon the credibility of the brand. Our consumers expect only the best from KDD, and they truly believe that we offer it to them. Therefore, our part, as a producer, has been very mindful of this fact. We always source the finest ingredients, and invest in modern technology and processes.

There are a few pertinent questions that we have been asking and trying to deal with. We want our products to be really healthy, staying true to our overall goal of “pure, wholesome goodness.”

What does nutritious and healthy actually mean?

Why is our population here highest globally in obesity and diabetes? Are these markers of a deeper and larger problem and not a problem of themselves?

Are there many confusing definitions of what it means to eat healthy food?

Our consumers have not been guided or motivated enough to declarations that appear on the packs, say, for example, the “traffic lights.”

Why are we seeing problems of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and the like, even in youngsters?

Is all the spending on healthcare going to stay on the rise?

Any of these health issues could result from a combination of food, lifestyle, and even genetics. Being a food producer, we were prompted by such questions to seek the most appropriate definitions for “nutritious” and “healthy.” In working with a team of experts, such as Dr. Robert Lustig and the others (on our independent Science Advisory Team), we realized a very simple truth that we are not what we eat but what we metabolize. The science of metabolism is explained by our experts, but for us, it is simply to define metabolism in actionable steps that will promise health and nutrition through our products. This paradigm, inspired by Dr. Lustig’s work, is three-fold: protect the liver, feed the gut, and support the brain. Since we have defined healthy and nutritious in this manner, we have also evolved detailed criteria and keenly evaluated our portfolio to steer it towards maximum positive nutrition.

We firmly believe that the definition of health and nutrition that we have now takes out all ambiguity regarding fats, sugars, proteins, and calories and focuses on key factors that are responsible for healthy metabolism in our bodies and what harm food, particularly processed food, should not cause. Ultimately that is what we wish for our consumers: to stay healthy and to be happy. This is our endeavor now – the journey we have started.

– VV Subramanian, VP & Chief Business Officer, KDD

Mr. Subramanian participated in an Independent Dialogue on the United Nations Food System Summit platform. A recording of this dialogue is available here. The PowerPoint presentation is available here. KDD’s nutrition initiative is a key pillar of its sustainability work.

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